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I’d like your approval to attend ezCater’s catering growth conference,  CaterUp, this April. It's a great opportunity for me to learn from other operators, find out about new catering technology, and get a first look at industry data. "Beyond the Four Walls" is this year's theme. It's all about the off-premises solutions and strategies that can help us keep up with shifting consumer wants and needs.
Key topics include
  • How to compete in the era of virtual kitchens
  • Navigating the demands of delivery
  • Building a large strategic outbound sales team
  • Distinguishing your catering brand through digital marketing
Some of the attendees last year were restaurant leaders from brands like Auntie Anne’s, Boloco, and Chick-fil-A. By attending, I'll meet similar restaurant leaders and be able to bring shared data, insights, and strategies back and apply them to our own off-premises program. CaterUp 2020 is April 22–24 in San Diego. An all-access pass is $599.
Let me know if I'm good to register or if you'd like to discuss more. You can also get details at caterup2020.com
Thank you,


Intercontinental San Diego

What better destination for CaterUp than San Diego? It’s known as “America’s Finest City,” and loved for its miles of white sand beaches and incredible climate. It’s a city of art, from galleries to studios to museums. It’s a harbor city, essential for a thriving restaurant scene. And it’s the perfect place to learn how to grow your catering business.
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