Get the thumbs up to attend CaterUp

To help you explain and justify your attendance to your boss, here’s a draft of a letter you can put your own spin on.


I’d like your approval to attend ezCater’s catering growth conference. It's a great opportunity for me to learn from other operators, find out about new catering technology, and get a first look at industry data. "Beyond the Four Walls" is this year's theme. It's all about the off-premises solutions and strategies that can help us keep up with shifting consumer wants and needs.
Key topics include
  • Navigating the demands of delivery
  • Building a large strategic outbound sales team
  • Distinguishing your catering brand through digital marketing
Some of the attendees last year were restaurant leaders from brands like Auntie Anne’s, Boloco, and Chick-fil-A. By attending, I'll meet similar restaurant leaders and be able to bring shared data, insights, and strategies back and apply them to our own off-premises program.
Let me know if I'm good to register or if you'd like to discuss more. You can also get details at
Thank you,